Monday, October 29, 2012

            Well let’s get this out of the way first. The Giants won the World Series. Thank goodness Weston is in Fiji so he can’t rub that in my face for the next year. But the Raiders won this week so that was a good thing.

Now on to the stuff that I am actually supposed to be thinking about. We had a really good week of missionary work this week. I want to start off by talking about our most progressing investigator Brenda Wilson. She is a really interesting story. She has been taking the lessons forever but things just haven’t been able to work out. She is a really big lady and in a wheelchair that is super heavy so it is really hard to get her to church on Sundays. Since me and Elder Waldron got here we have been trying to figure out a way to get her to church and have tried to get help from the ward but it hasn’t really gone anywhere. Then on Monday we got a call from Elder Keller in the office and he told us that we had the opportunity to change cars if we wanted to. So we got to trade in our Malibu for a mini van. First of all driving around the ghetto looking like a soccer mom is pretty dang cool. Second it was an answer to our prayers because now we can just drive down to get Brenda and put her giant electric wheelchair into our van and get a member to come pick her up. She came to church for the first time in a while yesterday and loved every second of it. She has a baptism date for November 17th right now. And that day may change around a little bit but she should be baptized by the end of November so we are really excited for that.

            Another person who came to church yesterday for the first time since I have been here is Rick Jackson. He is a recent convert that Elder Williams baptized when he was here the first time. I just met him not too long ago because he moved to Texas for a while. But it was cool to get to see him at church because he hadn’t been able to go while he was down working in Texas. We went to his house this morning to do laundry and we were talking to him and he told us that he loved coming to church this week because it made him feel so good. It’s cool to see how big of a deal it was to him to get to come to church again. It has been really cool to get to know them better as they have moved back from Texas. Even though their dog thought it would be funny to poo on my silk tie last night. Ya that was great.
            Earlier this week we got to go to ZLC and it was... long. As always it seems to go on forever but it’s a good meeting. We found out that we are having a leadership meeting in our stake center this next Tuesday. Then last night I got a call from the APs that I am giving a 25 minute training on using members during the holidays. That will be interesting cause pretty much everyone there has been out longer than I have and I haven’t been out for the holidays yet. I am really excited to get to do that though.

After ZLC we got to go to the wards trunk or treat which was really cool. There were a lot of non members there and we got to be the judges for a chili cook off so that was delicious. Then the next day Brother Kremer took us to the temple and of course that was a great experience. I hadn’t been to the temple in close to 3 months because me and Elder Waldron never made it there. So after a long pause between visits it was great to get to go back and feel the Spirit in the temple again.

            One of the bigger things that happened this week was we got transfer calls. Thankfully me and Elder Williams both get to stay in Fairview for at least another 6 weeks together. We were really happy to hear about that. We are really excited about all the changes that are coming to the zone. We think that every change that was made is going to be a huge blessing and the zone is really going to improve. And, also, most of the missionaries that I have gotten to be really good friends with get to stay in the zone. I am so thankful for constantly being surrounded by awesome missionaries who help me so much and always show me the kind of person that I need to be.

            This week in church we read the talk from April’s conference by Elder Scott, I think. It is about receiving person revelation and inspiration. I love that talk so much. It was a great reminder as I read it again this morning about the things that we need to do to have the Spirit in our lives the strongest and how to receive help on life’s hardest questions. I would encourage all of us to go back and read conference talks again and get those spiritual reminders of what we need to do to make ourselves better. I am so thankful for the Spirit and all that it does to help me in my life and how it helps guide me onto the right paths. I love this opportunity that I have been given and am so thankful for it. I hope we can all take advantage of the opportunities that life puts in our path.

Elder Banks

PS: That is so cool that Kaylee had her baby. I hope everything with that goes smoothly from now on too. Oh and a huge like 6 foot 6 black guy just walked past me wearing a bright yellow Pikachu hat from Pokemon. People here are awesome.

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