Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas and New Year's

           I haven’t written an email home in a long time so a lot has happened. Probably the greatest thing that happened is that my mom downloaded angry birds to her new ipod touch. I am so proud of her. I’m sure she is thrilled that I was willing to share that with everyone.

We have had some crazy weeks recently. We had Christmas and Christmas Eve last week. Those were both really fun. We got the whole day off both times and we just got to spend some fun time with members in the ward. The weather out here is finally starting to look like Christmas unfortunately. It has snowed a little bit but mostly it’s just freezing and windy. Up until about the day after Christmas it was 40 or 50 degrees most days. But not all good things can last forever so now it’s more like 20 or 30 degrees and icy all the time. When we drove up to Springfield for a Christmas party it was a disaster. Semis and cars tipped over and off the side of the road everywhere.

Two days ago was New Year’s Eve and that was fun. It was P day and we just got the whole day off to do whatever we wanted. We went over to the Jacksons and played Phase 10 and all the years of playing that with my family on Sunday finally paid off. Then on New Year’s Day we cleaned our apartment until 4 and then after that we got the rest of the night off. Our apartment definitely needed the 6 hours of cleaning. We had fun throwing away stuff Elder Anderson had used last time he was here about a year ago, including some food which was pretty gross. We had a really good couple days break though.

            This morning we were talking about how hard it is to work around this time of year. We just had 2 weeks where we only had to work for 5 days and we got 2 days off. Now that we are looking ahead and our next day off is Mother’s Day it looks like a huge mountain to climb. We have gotten used to breaks and it’s also freezing cold outside. Sometimes getting yourself ready to go out and work a long day in the cold is hard. But I’m so thankful to have a companion and other missionaries around me who make it that much easier to go work. When you are with someone who you have to drag out the door each day it makes it a lot harder. But when you have someone who is there to help you and support your good decisions it makes things a lot easier. This week’s email is going to be super short because we have to go to some appointments now, but thank you to all of you for the help and support that you constantly give the missionaries. We have a few good potential investigators that we are trying to work with right now so hopefully I have some good news on them next week. I’ll talk to you all again soon!

Elder Banks

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