Tuesday, March 26, 2013

            We got a little bit of news this week talking about communication with people outside of our mission. First of all we are moving on Thursday to the Bankhead’s house so we are pretty excited about that. Our new address will be 12101 Sutton Place Court St Louis, MO 63129. Please don’t send anything to our old address haha. It’s so annoying for the members to keep getting our old mail. Also we got an email today from the church that they are changing the email rules for missionaries and we are now encouraged to email our friends, family, and priesthood leaders instead of just family. So instead of writing letters emails would be great. My email is pbanks@myldsmail.net.

            But for some more important stuff this week went really well with missionary work. It started out with a way fun P-day on Monday. We drove down to Lindell and hung out down there all day. We went to the arch to show Elder Redmond then we walked up onto a bridge over the Mississippi and threw stuff in. We are like 10 year olds but sometimes throwing big things into a big river from really high is still fun. St Louis is a really artsy city and if you walk around there are random parks and buildings just full of awful modern art. So we walked around and took pictures with weird things. Then we went up into the MetLife building which is the tallest building in St. Louis. Because we are wearing white shirts and ties no one cares that we just walk around it haha. So we took the elevators to the top floor and just took pictures out the windows. It was a pretty fun day. Tuesday we had our musical zone conference with James O’Neil Miner and that was pretty fun. The first half had lots of missionary talent in it and it was... alright. But the second half was awesome. Some of the most talented people I have ever met got to share their musical talent and it was great.

            Wednesday me and Elder Redmond went on exchanges with Elder Bowen and that was fun. We went to go see Steve that night and had a really good lesson with him. We set a baptism date with him for April 20th. I am praying that I am still around in Oakville at that point. He is way solid and loves meeting with us. The only snags that he has would be he isn’t a huge fan of going to church on Sunday but he is willing to do it. And he is terrified of water. He told us he would probably never get baptized because he won’t go all the way under the water. That is a pretty common problem out here so we will just get to that when it gets here. We are teaching him the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity next time we meet with him so hopefully those are sacrifices that he is willing to make. Things are looking really good for him though.

            This weekend was a great one. Friday we had a normal day then we had the James O’Neil Miner concert for the stake and it went great. Lots of people really enjoyed it. Also that night the office elders were there and I was talking to Elder Facer and he showed me and Elder Anderson a piece of paper telling us that Elder Redmond’s visa came and he is headed out to Brazil. We had so many awesome pranks planned to pull on him then President Clark ruined them all by telling Elder Redmond that it came. But he doesn’t fly out until April 1st. So we have plenty of time to think of a great goodbye April fool’s day prank for him. We are sad to see him go but happy that he gets to go to his mission finally.

Sunday this week was an interesting day. It snowed all day long and we ended up getting close to 10 inches. People out here have 0 idea how to do anything in the snow so it’s really funny/a huge pain when it snows. We were lucky to have sacrament meeting but our next 2 hours of church got canceled. Most of the rest of the stake didn’t even have sacrament meeting. If you could see me right now I would be shaking my head because the snow isn’t even bad and they canceled church. But they know what’s best for their wards way better than I do. Unfortunately, Steve didn’t make it to church because he didn’t want to drive down in the snow and he lives a little ways away from the church. But overall it was a super good day.

            Easter is coming up this weekend. It’s always a fun holiday and we get to do fun things with family members and friends, but it’s always important to remember what it’s really about. http://www.lds.org/bible-videos/videos/he-is-risen?lang=eng  this is a link to a bible video on LDS.org that I think is awesome. The bible videos are great and everyone should watch them all. It’s a good reminder to always remember what Jesus did for us and what a blessing that is. I am so thankful for Him and getting to tell other people about everything that He did. I love you all and hope you’re all doing well. I’ll talk to you all again soon.

-Elder Banks

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