Monday, April 22, 2013

      Once again this week has been super crazy. Today has been so nice though. Last P-Day we sat in a building all day and met with missionaries with problems. It was awful. Today we also met with missionaries who had some problems but it was about a million times better. President thought that they needed a fun day so we got to take them to the zoo and then to Fitz’s for lunch. It was really cool to get to see how happy they were and how much fun they were having. It’s always cool to see missionaries get happier in a good way instead of having to go through a bunch of awful meetings and things like that. And it’s a close to perfect 70 degree day today so everything has just been awesome so far today. And now I get to lay on a couch in President Clarks office so I am pretty happy with that.

      The rest of this week has been crazy as well but it’s been really fun. We had our first set of interviews. Over this 6 weeks, we will have 32 sets of interviews and we have done 8 so far. Elder Bean and I give an hour and a half training at each one. So even after just 8 sets I am already dying. It’s great to get to see all the missionaries and meet everyone, but saying the exact same thing 32 times is going to get really old really fast. We have done a lot of traveling this week too. We got a new car on Friday and last night it had 500 miles on it so we have spent a lot of time driving around. We drove up to the Columbia zone and saw almost every missionary in that zone. Life has just been hectic. I don’t really know what else to say besides that. We never sleep in the same place so that is fun but super tiring.

     This week we have a bunch of meetings coming up. We have leadership council which is the new zone leader council. We had to rearrange the entire sister leadership in the mission because the church put a new system into place so that was fun. On Friday we have a meeting at 9 to teach the sisters how to do their new jobs then we have a 6 hours meeting then we have a 2 hour drive for exchanges so that will be a pretty crazy day. I feel like I have a lot less interesting stories now because we don’t talk to crazy people as much anymore, but it’s still really fun to get to hang out with new people. Sister Erickson and Sister Wayment are the senior office sisters in our mission and they got permission to have us over for dinner and watch secondhand lions with us. It’s pretty cool to get to do fun random stuff that I have never gotten to do before. I hope this week goes as well as last week did and that everything keeps going smooth. I love you all and will let you know how next week goes.

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