Monday, October 14, 2013

           Today has been nuts. We have been driving missionaries around to new areas and to have interviews with president and to the airport all morning and it has been nuts. We have had sooo many missionaries recently who have had to go home because of physical injury, it’s been so sad. A missionary tore his MCL and had to go home for surgery today. His companion had to find a new place to serve and it’s been a headache. 

            It’s been a really good week over all. Lots of cool things have happened and we have been super busy. We had 3 days worth of interviews. That filled up a lot of time. We changed it up a lot though. We had a couple other trainings from sister training leaders and stuff like that. We played a lot of games that made it fun. Then we stayed in Champaign and spent a day with them on exchanges. We got to drive up to Danville which is about 10 minutes away from the Indiana border and went to a baptism, then I got to go on exchange with Elder Brooks for a few hours. He has been out for just over 3 months and his companion is brand new. They have had a ton of success in their area recently and it’s been amazing. They have no idea what they’re doing haha. But they are soooo happy and they have the Spirit with them so strong. We went tracting and we had so much success because everyone wanted to talk to him. He is just so happy and he knows that this is going to bless other people so he just wants to share it. 

            One other cool thing that happened in Champaign was Thursday night we went to Wal-Mart to buy some food because the zone leaders didn’t have any food for us and we needed to pick up a few things. We went to the checkout with like 10 bucks worth of food and after we scanned it all at the self-checkout, a lady came up to us and said "mind if I butt in real quick?" Mostly confused but trying to be nice we said ya ok and she swiped her card and said have a nice day and walked off. At first it was just a really nice gesture that made us feel good but after I thought about it a little bit I realized what she had done for us. Definitely more than once on my mission I have had to make an emergency run to a

Wal-Mart or something like that and had members call me out about it not being pday and anything else you can imagine that we were "doing wrong” and this lady came up and bought our food for us at 9:20 at night on a Thursday. Not a judgmental thought went through her head, she just knew that we looked exhausted and we needed some food. I’ll never see her again but I really appreciate what she did for us.

            On Saturday we started out the day by going to Barack Obama elementary school and helping them build a playground. We all got free shirts and got to work with a couple hundred other people to put this thing together and it was a super cool experience.

Sunday we went to church in Maryland Heights for sacrament meeting then went to one of Elder Wunderli's former wards in St Peters Missouri and stayed there for the full 3 hours. We got to see a new elder quorum presidency called and talk to the stake president for a while and it was a really good day.

I’m so thankful for all of the blessings that I have seen this transfer. I love being with Elder Wunderli and we have so many friends that live right around us. Even when things go terrible all day, we just have so much fun and love the work that we get to do. I have met so many amazing people recently and I have been really blessed to be in this mission right now. I love this work and will talk to you all again soon. 

-Elder Banks

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