Monday, December 2, 2013

           We had our first full week or missionary work in our area this week and it was hectic but it was great. Tuesday I went back to Fairview Heights with Elder Smith, and Elder Sims and Elder Wunderli worked in St Louis Hills. It was a really cool exchange in Fairview cause it was pretty much a perfect night.  We taught Chris who I taught when I was there before and he was doing really well. We took Ron Mitchell with us so it was just like old times. I was so excited to see Ron doing so well again. After that we had another quick stop by with a part member family and then the end of the night was the best. We went to a members house and it’s a single older woman and she had been thinking about one of her friends a lot recently so she took us over to her house and we sat down and taught her and her son. It was an awesome lesson. They were best friends and trusted each other so much that this investigator just took everything so well cause she knew it had helped her friend so much. It was a great lesson.

            Wednesday we switched back and I was in St Louis Hills with Elder Johnson and Elder Wunderli went back to Maryland Heights with Elder Anderson. Me and Elder Johnson were kind of blind caue I hadn’t really worked in our area and Elder Johson had served there a few months ago but the area has completely changed since then so we just pretty much ran around and tried to see a million people. We talked to a few but it wasn’t the most successful day. Thankfully, Elder Johnson is awesome and it was just a ton of fun to be with him.

The next morning we drove back to Maryland Heights for Thanksgiving. We started off the day with like 3 hours of basketball with a bunch of other missionaries and that was a ton of fun. Then we just went to the mission home and watched football and ate food for the rest of the day. Even though the Raiders are awful it was still a pretty fun day. I love getting to hang out with the Morgan’s.

            Friday we had MLC for the first 6 hours of the day and then we were with Elder Furlong and Elder Duke for the rest of the day on exchanges. They live a few hours away so they just met up with us in our area and all 4 of us stayed there. Saturday me and Elder Furlong went around and couldn’t find anyone at home. We knocked on like a million doors and no one was home for some reason. But we ended up catching a couple of less actives at home that the ward has been trying to get in contact with forever so that was cool. We went to a baptism that the sisters were having in our ward later that night and that was really cool too.

            Sunday was the best day of the week for us. We went to church and we had a huge list of people to talk to about potential investigators and we were able to get most of it figured out. We were especially trying to get a hold of the Mason family cause they have a couple people we want to teach. We went by their house and tried calling them and stuff but we just couldn’t get anything figured out. But at church Brother Mason got called as a ward missionary so he sat in on our ward correlation meeting after church and it was so cool. We are going over on Wednesday and we are going to start teaching his 11 year old son cause he wants him to get baptized so that in a year they can all get sealed. They also have 2 other people who are good friends with them who have shown interest in the past so we asked if he would invite them. It sounds like we should be meeting 3 awesome new investigators on Wednesday so we’ll keep our fingers crossed for that.

Troy Outlaw came to church again with his family. He is the coolest guy ever. His son is for sure getting baptized on the 14th of December and we are trying to get through all the commandments and stuff so he can get baptized with him. Everything with Troy is going super well so far though. We are going to be going over a few really crucial things this week that will let us know how solid his baptism is so hopefully everything works out with that.

            Sunday after church we had a sweet miracle happen. We had about an hour and a half before dinner so we drove over to a ladies house who we had heard a ton about. One of our friends, Elder Anderson who just went home, taught a lady named Robin in the area that were in now and he just loved her and always said she was so great and all that stuff. So we got her address and went to see her a couple times and she was never home. But we caught her at home this time and she is the nicest person ever!! We have no idea how she isn’t baptized. Her only concern was not being able to make it to church cause she rides the bus and she hates asking people for rides. But once we get that figured out she is good as gold. She loved the first lesson and wants to come to church. We’re seeing her again on Wednesday and she wants to feed us her home made mac and cheese sometime so were pretty excited for that. That just shows you what kind of person she is. We knew her for about 5 minutes and she was already trying to get us to come back for a dinner. She is a diamond in the rough. She lives in a pretty rough part of the city but she is just the sweetest lady ever. We’re really excited to teach her.

            This coming week should just be more awesome work. We have a few exchanges and lots of full days of missionary work ahead of us. We’re so excited for all the things that are happening in our area and we are so thankful for the blessings we have received. We were so lost for a few days and really didn’t know what to do or how to do it, but we just went out and worked hard and God put some people in our path. We’re going to just keep trying to push forward and we know everything’s going to be great!

-Elder Banks


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