Monday, June 17, 2013

             I want to start by saying happy Father’s Day to the best dad I have ever had! I am so thankful for the example and all the things that my dad has taught me over the years and I am the person I am today because of him. Love ya dad. 


             This week was insane and stressful but really good at the same time. We did transfer planning this week which always makes my brain explode. But the best part of this week was the times after transfer planning. We would have a few hours each day to go out and work with some elders in their area. We tried to stick around in some of the closer areas and I got to go on exchanges with some of the coolest missionaries I have ever met. I was already good friends with Elder Sims and Elder Jones and I got to go tracting with each of them for a few hours this week and it was a really fun thing to get to do. I hated tracting for over the first year of my mission but I have learned to love talking to people and love getting to be with new missionaries. I have made some of my best friends out here and it has been a great experience. 


            Wednesday this week is transfers and that always makes for an insane week. My companion Elder Bean goes home in just a few days and that has been really hard for him, but I know that he is going to do great when he gets home. My new companion is Elder Facer. I have already been living with him and seeing him every day for the past 3 months so it will be a pretty easy switch for him to come from the office into being an assistant. I am really excited for that. I have learned a ton from Elder Bean and I will miss him a lot but he will do great back home. 


            There really isn’t anything super special for me to say about this coming week because it’s going to be the same as always. Thursday sending the missionaries home is going to be a really sad day. Elder Bean, Elder Bullock, and Elder Barney all go home and they are some of my best friends out here. But we have almost 30 missionaries coming in to replace them so hopefully that change can go well. 


            President and Sister Clark go home in about 2 weeks so that’s going to be a crazy change. Tonight as a going away celebration President is taking the 5 of us in the office to the Cardinals Cubs game tonight. I have been dreaming of going to a Cards/Cubs game for a long time so I am really, really excited. 


            There have been a lot of missionaries struggling recently with wanting to go home and not enjoying their missions. Every time I see them it makes me so thankful for the atonement and my companions. I remember the beginning of my mission and wanting to go home. I can’t imagine where I would be at if I wasn’t out here still. It has changed my life forever and I just want all of the other missionaries to be able to figure out why they are here so they can have that change in them as well. I am so thankful for the miracles and blessings that I have seen in my life and especially the blessings I have seen on my mission. I love this gospel and I love this work. Even though it’s a million degrees, and all we do is tract and deal with problems, the blessings that come from dealing with it are amazing. I love this work and am so thankful that I get to continue doing it.


Elder Banks




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