Monday, August 26, 2013

          This week was a lot more normal than last week was. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we had zone conferences. Those are really fun but they drain you really fast. Thursday was up in Champaign so that was a good 3 hours from St Louis so we planned on spending a couple days up in that area. We got to take some missionaries to Olive Garden later that night so that was really fun. I ate a lot of bread sticks.


The next day we got to spend some time doing missionary work. I was so excited to go tracting again. We hadn’t done that for a couple weeks and I was going through withdraws. This new system of no tracting that we are doing in a few zones is working really well but it’s a lot less fun than tracting. So getting to go out to different zones and knock on a few doors is always something I really look forward to.


We spent the first bit of the day with Elder Locklear and Elder Rougeau. It was cool to get to talk to Elder Locklear cause he has a really cool story from back home. He has a couple aunts and uncles that are active but that’s about it. But recently his mom has started taking the lessons and being reactivated and her nonmember husband has really warmed up to the missionaries. There are a ton of missionaries out here who are the only active members of their families or the only members in their families so I love to hear all the stories about how them coming on a mission has changed their families lives. The blessings that come from serving are impossible to fully understand.


Right after we spent some time with them, we went and spent a few hours with the Elder Anderson that I trained and his companion Elder Cox who has been out for about a week now. I got to go tracting with Elder Cox and it was a ton of fun. They live in a college town and school just barely got back in so it makes for quite the adventure. It’s always fun to walk up to a door and see a front yard completely covered in beer cans and barf and then knock on the door and talk about religion with them. Sometimes they are just stupid kids but it’s always an awesome opportunity to get to find a college kid who really wants to know more and change their lives. 


            This weekend was pretty normal but it was really good as always. We went up to Warrenton for church and learned all about keeping the Sabbath day holy. That’s an interesting idea as a missionary because our Sunday is pretty much the same as every other day of the week. Trying to set Sunday apart as a day of rest and extra worship is interesting but its good practice for when we get home.


This week is going to be another fun one. We have 2 zone conferences on Tuesday and Wednesday then Thursday is Elder Facer and Sister Minyards birthdays so we are going to Lottawatta Creek to have dinner. That’s going to be a really nice break in the week. Friday we have MLC then Saturday we are driving up to Champaign to do our zone leader exchange. I am really, really excited to do our zone leader exchanges over these next few weeks. We haven’t had the chance to do much normal work recently cause we have had a ton of meetings and a ton of random problems pop up. It will be really nice to get to get back into the routine of teaching nonmembers again. I love teaching so much. I love that I get to teach missionaries so much and I love teaching nonmembers even more. Bearing a strong testimony is such a blessing in our lives. I am so thankful for the knowledge that I have that these things are true and that I do have the ability to bear my testimony on them. I love this gospel and am so thankful for everything it does for me. 


-Elder Banks  



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