Monday, September 2, 2013

          This week was crazy. Really fun. But crazy. Tuesday and Wednesday we had zone conference and I was so thankful for those to be over. I love going to them and I learn a ton but I just can’t handle sitting in the same room for 6 hours anymore! We have 3 more this week but I got a little bit of a break so I’m ready to start them up again.


Wednesday night and Thursday we spent some time in a brand new area called Steeleville. The elders there are doing great and probably my favorite part was that they live in a town named Sparta. I pretty much just ran around yelling this is Sparta and kicking stuff all day.


Then Thursday we planned out MLC which was the next day. MLC was long. But we accomplished a lot so it was a good meeting. Saturday was the best day of the week cause we drove up to Champaign and got to go on our exchange there. We just walked around in the ridiculous heat and talked to college kids all day on the U of I campus. It was just a few days after school got back in so there was just a bunch of crazy kids everywhere. It was super fun but insane. 


            That pretty much sums up our whole week. Lots of meetings but lots of cool stuff happened. We have a few cool things coming up over the next few weeks. We have a seventy coming named Elder Godoy and he’ll be here on the 9th and 10th. It will be cool to get to spend 2 days with him and learn from him. We have a couple more zone conferences coming up this week and they’re the last 3 of the transfer. Once those are over we get to go on a lot of exchanges! I’m pretty much just counting down the seconds until those come around. This isn’t the most interesting email, but we have tons of stuff to do today so I’ve got to run. I’ll talk to you all again soon! 


Elder Banks



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