Monday, September 23, 2013

            Well today has been nuts. Here’s the very, very brief version of why this email is going to be super short. We are going to a Cards game tonight and so we are supposed to do 3 hours of work in the morning instead of the night. Here’s what our 3 hours of work turned into. 2 hours of trying to return a hubcap. 30 minutes of picking up broken cabinets that fell out of the back of the trailer that we forgot to lock while driving down the street. That was almost really bad... And then about an hour of trying to get the trailer back on the hitch of the van because it fell off on the freeway 5 minutes after all the cabinets fell off. Yup it’s been a long day... But I have been with elder Norton and he is probably the best possible person for me to have been with today cause Its impossible for us to be angry when were together so it’s been a lot of laughing at these insane things that have happened. But hey tonight should be cool! Go Cards.


            This week has been pretty boring but very important. I spent pretty much the whole week doing transfers with eElder Facer and President Morgan. It’s been the hardest one by far. To briefly explain why it’s been hard here’s some numbers. 30 missionaries came in the last 2 transfers and again on Tuesday. we have about 10 visa waiters that are still here as well. That’s about 100 missionaries. All of them put together have an average mission age of 6 weeks. That’s not very much experience as a missionary. That makes things really interesting. Also, elder facer goes home in a couple days so we had to figure out who we were going to bring into the office. Elder Wunderli is going to be my new companion. He’s from Alpine Utah and goes to UVU so we have that in common at least. He has been a zone leader for 1 transfer and has been on his mission for like 16 months or so. I have loved being with him on exchanges so I’m really excited for him to come in. 


            The best part of this week by far was Sunday. We got to go to the O’Fallon stake conference. We walked in and there were missionaries everywhere which was great. It was a ton of fun to get to see them all and so many of their investigators. While I was walking around talking to missionaries Darwin ran up and started talking to me. Darwin is Brenda Wilson’s grandson from Fairview heights. I love that kid and was so happy to see him. The whole stake conference was about temple work and missionary work. President and Sister Morgan gave great talks about missionary work. But by far my favorite part was getting to hear the talk by Sister Vicki Kremer. She gave a 10 minute talk about her conversion and her experience going through the temple a couple weeks ago. That was definitely one of those moments as a missionary where you just feel like everything you have ever gone through on your mission was worth it just for that 10 minutes. I was so thankful that I got to sit in on that experience. 


            This coming week we have transfers on Wednesday, new missionaries on Tuesday, and departing missionaries on Thursday, just like normal. The temple is closed on Wednesday though so we are going to a cardinal’s game on Wednesday instead. Hopefully everything goes smoothly this week. I love all of you and thank you for your prayers. Talk to you all again soon!


-Elder Banks  
Elder Banks sitting in one BIG chair!
Below is the office staff.




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