Monday, January 13, 2014

We had a week full of surprises this week so that made things interesting. On Tuesday we had our exchange with Columbia. I was with Elder Perkins and brought him back into our area and it was such a fun day. We had all of our appointments cancel except for dinner. Dinner was pretty funny. We had fried catfish so that was a new one for me. And with the dads help we convinced one of their kids to drink salty Kool-Aid. So that was funny. Then we had a lesson after dinner that bailed on us as well. We punched in an address to go see one of our potential investigators which was about 10 minutes away. About 45 minutes later we gave up on trying to get there. We would drive for about 30 seconds and then we would see someone stuck in the snow and go and shove them out. We pretty much spent our whole night pushing people out. It was really fun and people appreciated it so much. Being stuck in the middle of the road is never anyone’s favorite thing.

We got back into our normal companionships on Wednesday and we were supposed to have our exchange with the North zone leaders but Elder Wunderli had gotten sick on exchanges and was throwing up all night so we didn’t do that. We rested for a little bit and then it was my turn to throw up all day so we spent that whole day inside. The next day our district leader was sick too so he came and joined us and we traveled around a little bit so we could at least get out of the apartment but didn’t really accomplish anything. We were super bummed cause we didn’t have any lessons all week except for the night we were too sick to get out we have 4. We had to cancel all of those and try to make up for that lost night the rest of the week.

Friday we had our exchange with the Cape Girardeau zone leaders. I wasn’t really looking forward to it cause we didn’t feel super good and I just had no desire to do work that day. But we drove down to Cape in the pouring rain and I met up with Elder Duke and went to work in Cape with him. I know that if I didn’t change something it was going to be an awful day, so I prayed really hard to have a good day and to have my attitude changed so I could enjoy my exchange. We went and tracted in the rain for the first 3 hours or so of our exchange and it was amazing! We had so much fun and we found so many people who were excited to talk to us. We set up a bunch of return appointments and it was just an awesome couple hours. After we ate dinner and attempted to get some of our clothes dry we had a lesson with a funny old guy to finish out the night. It ended up being a really good day and I was really thankful that I was blessed to have a good day.

Saturday was good because it was like the only day we taught all week. We had 3 lessons so we were glad we could finish out the week strong. None of our investigators came to church though, so that was a bummer. We have about 8 people that we are trying to get to church this coming week so that’s going to be our big focus this week. We have 4 exchanges this week and our interviews with President Morgan so it’s going to be a nice, full week. I’m excited to get to go out and work this week and hopefully we can see some more miracles happen!

-Elder Banks


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