Monday, May 20, 2013

           This week started out super fun because on Monday night we got to go to the Cardinals-Mets game and it was super fun. It’s always fun to get to go to games.


Tuesday is when the real craziness started. We started making all of the plans for what is going to happen with transfers coming up. We got a surprise the first day we sat down with president and he told us that we are getting 9 sister visa waiters. Instead of getting 4 missionaries we are now getting 13 so that will make tomorrow a lot more interesting. The rest of this week was pretty much us sitting on a couch looking at a giant board full of pictures of missionaries moving them around and deciding what would be best for them. It was super interesting to get to see the other side of what happens during transfers. It was insane because we had the board completely finished one day then we would go back over it the next day and it would be almost completely changed. It was really fun/amazing to get to see how such an insane process could result in such a feeling of peace knowing that where they are getting put to work is right for them. 


            Earlier this week on Saturday me and Elder Bean got to go to the temple and it was one of the coolest things I have gotten to do on my mission. We went to the temple and the session was full and they had to bring in extra chairs so that was cool. Another cool thing is that there was a bride and groom there and 2 future missionaries going through for the first time. The celestial room was full of people hugging and just a bunch of super happy people. The stake president from Oakville was there and he invited us to come get some cookies after so we got to stick around the temple for a little while and see some people and get free cookies. It was a really, really cool experience for us. 


            This coming week is going to be super crazy but it’s going to be so exciting. Tomorrow we are going to go get all of the new missionaries from the airport and do all of the normal things with them. Wednesday we have crazy transfer day trying to get everyone sent off to their right areas. Thursday we get to wake up bright and early and send the departing missionaries home. Then from that point on we are spending every spare second of the day with other missionaries. We only have 4 weeks this transfer to accomplish everything we need to do so it’s going to be crazy. 


            Recently I have been so thankful for all of the growth and changes that I have been able to see on my mission. I have had a ton of changes myself and I have learned so much. I have seen so many other people have changes in their lives as well. We went to 6 hours of church yesterday and the thing that stood out to me the most were some talks given in the O’Fallon MO ward. Elder Jones, and Sister McCoy were missionaries who just barely came out 6 weeks ago and they both gave amazing talks and I couldn’t believe that they were the same shy little missionaries that we picked up from the airport. I didn’t think that Sister McCoy would ever say a word but she gave an amazing talk about the restoration. And there was a 3rd talk that was by a recent convert in that ward and she just bore simple testimony about how the gospel has completely changed her life.


Elder Bean goes home at the end of this transfer and he is focusing a lot on all the things he has learned on his mission. It has really opened my eyes to how much we really do learn out here and how it has been such an amazing opportunity. I am so thankful for my mission and all of you who have helped me to change and become a better person. I love you all and will talk to you all soon. 


-Elder Banks



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