Monday, May 13, 2013

           This week was great! Super busy and tiring but it was great. I talked to my family yesterday and I don’t have a ton of time today so I’ll just give a quick recap of what happened this week. 


            Tuesday last week we did the south interviews and I had a sinus infection for that day so it was super long and rough. We gave the same training for a few hours and it was great to get to go home and get some sleep that night.


Wednesday was a long day but a good one. We woke up at the normal time and I got to go down to Cape with Elder Wright and President Clark and that was pretty fun. We had a ton of meetings that day and we didn’t get to sleep that night until about midnight.


Then we woke up Thursday morning at 5 and took the 3 hour trip up to Champaign. It was a really fun day up there on exchanges with Elder loveless and Elder Bellnap. Elder Loveless and I got to walk around the University of Illinois and talk to people all day and that was fun. It was interesting because it was the very last day of school so everyone was getting ready to move out and no one was super eager to talk to us but we found a few people that wanted to talk.


After that we headed down to Springfield and had our exchange with those zone leaders. I was with another Elder Anderson and we walked a ton! It was fun though and we ended up tracting for a little bit and we only knocked on 1 door and a really nice guy in the ghetto named Kareem let us in and we got to teach him and have a solid lesson with him. It was a really fun experience. 


            Sunday I got the opportunity to go to church in Fairview Heights and it was pretty cool to get to go see those people again. That is such a strange ward and its doesn’t run like any other ward that I have been to but the spirit there is still strong and its always a good experience to get to go back and see some of the people that you have learned to love on your mission.


            Overall it was a great week and this week is looking like its going to be awesome too. We are going to a Cardinals game tonight so that will be a good way to start it off. I love all of you and hope that you’re all doing well! 


-Elder Banks


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