Monday, July 1, 2013

Goodbye Pres. Clark, Hello Pres. Morgan

This has been a week full of big change and lots going on. Me and Elder Facer just finished driving 1000 miles in about 4 days to go around and see missionaries and we are about to start on a week of trips that are going to put more miles on our car than that.


The first few days of the week were really normal with a lot of driving. It was so good to go around the mission and get to see missionaries. There are a lot of people that are right on the line of being good missionaries or being a huge pain, and going around we have seen tons of changes that have pushed people over to the side of being a great missionary. It has been really exciting.


Saturday is when all of the big changes happened and President and Sister Morgan came in with their daughter Anna. It was really good to meet them and finally get to see the people who are going to be running our mission for the next 3 years. 


            Saying goodbye to the Clarks was definitely hard but it’s easy to feel the Spirit telling you that this change is going to be a good one. President Clark hammered into our heads for a long time that change is a good thing and it brings blessings. The Morgan’s are very different from the Clarks and are going to bring a whole new view into the mission and we are going to love that. We are going on the meet the president tour this week. We are all driving together in a big 12 passenger van which will give us over 20 hours of driving time to get to talk so we should be pretty good friends by time this week is over. Something that is very easy to tell is that President Morgan loves people. He loved the people back home and it was hard for him to leave. And he loves the people that he has met out here on his mission so far and he treats us like the greatest people in the world. 


             We are excited for a lot of things that are coming up this week. Today we get to go to a zone pday in Fairview Heights and play basketball. That has nothing to do with missionary work, I just haven’t played in forever and I’m way excited for that. Then we will go around and talk to everyone at the meet the presidents. The 4th of July is this week so that will be fun. We get from 4:00 until 10 30 to do whatever and we will probably head over to the arch to watch some fireworks. That’s pretty much what we have going on this week.


We are excited for all of the changes that are coming up and hope things keep going well. We had the best numbers I have ever seen as an assistant in the mission this week so that’s exciting. Things are definitely on the upswing and we just hope and pray that they keep getting better. We love this work and are excited to get to keep it going through these changes. Keep our mission in your prayers and hopefully things keep going well!

-Elder Banks


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