Monday, July 22, 2013

            That activity at the McClellan’s sounds awesome! They are such a good family. Sounds like Grandpas birthday was a really good experience. I love that guy. Sister Morgan quilts a little bit so you should send me pictures of your quilts when you’re done so i can show her them.

            The Christianson’s homecoming sounds like it was awesome. I don’t know if he even knows who I am but I am way excited to get to talk to President Christianson again when I get home. He was a really good guy.

             We had a really good week but it was really normal and uneventful. Monday was really fun because we went and picked up some goals from some members and played soccer under the arch for a while. I was pretty dang sunburned already from the Saturday service day and I was completely fried after being out in the sun for that many more hours. It was really fun though. 

             The next 3 days after that we had interviews all day. Last time we had interviews it was like the hardest month of my mission. It was just so exhausting and boring and it was just rough. And this time it still isn’t my favorite thing in the world, but we changed one thing and we are having the district leaders and someone else in the district give a training. It has been really fun to get to listen to other people teach instead of just us talking the whole time. Each training has been left with a commitment so by time we are done I’ll have about 60 commitments left to me to work on so I’ll have a lot of goals of things to get better at by the end of the transfer.

            Friday and Saturday we went on exchanges with some zone leaders. We went down to Cape Girardeau on Friday and we had a pretty cool experience. I was with Elder Bassett and that morning they had gotten a call from a member in one of the wards down there. He said that he had the missionaries coming over to teach at his house that night and he wanted us to come help them because they were really struggling with teaching. We headed down and talked to them about it and helped teach them and it was cool to see the missionary’s reactions. One of them was really nice and happy but you could tell everything we were saying was just going right over his head and none of it was really soaking in. The other missionary is really young, really good, and really humble. He took everything we had to say and started taking notes and working on it. He was a better teacher by the end of the night. It was cool to see 2 missionaries with the same ability level receiving the exact same training and one of them got nothing from it and the other one got a ton from it. It just goes to show that really it doesn’t matter what we are taught or how good our teachers are. If we are looking for something to improve on and change in ourselves we are going to find something to work on. 

            This coming week is going to be one full of a lot of different things. We have a couple days of interviews and day of MLC and a couple days of zone leader exchanges. MLC is going to be interesting because its President Morganas first one so we will see how he likes sitting in a big room full of 20 year olds for 6 hours trying to make decisions haha. It can be pretty interesting sometimes. 

            This week has been full of a lot of trials for a lot of missionaries. We have seen everything from emergency surgery to deaths of parents this week. It has been a real growing experience for everyone involved and it’s been cool to see the different reactions. Some people just keep on going and learn a lot from it and are better people because of it. And then of course you have a few who just completely shut down and let it ruin them. It has built my testimony that hard things happen to everyone and it can ruin us, or if we put our faith in Christ, then we will be able to make it through and be better people because of it.

I am so thankful for all of the different things that have happened to me on my mission and the wide variety of experiences I have had the opportunity to have. I’m thankful for the chance that I still have to grow out here and hope that the rest of my mission can be just as good, or better, than what it has been so far.


-Elder Banks



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